That phrase served as my personal wake-up call. The idea that whoever I was yesterday need not dictate who I choose to be today. It helped me take my first step toward getting personally “unstuck”.

Like so many others, I couldn’t see what held me back were my own beliefs.

After a difficult end to a long-term relationship, I remember feeling angry and unsure about who I was or what steps I wanted to take next. I kept blaming my partner for our demise, pointing fingers and saying things like, “If he was more mature, the relationship would have flourished.”

Through coaching, I discovered that my anger with my partner was really more about fear – fear of my own aging, fear of rejection and fear of being unlovable. Because I couldn’t deal with my own age, I attacked his youth. Because I needed him to validate me, I became stuck.

I was so wrapped up in the illusion of a story, not my own, that my life stopped.

“Thomas guided me through a significant transition in my career and life. He listened to me, asked thoughtful questions and helped me discern what I truly wanted and needed in order to live my best life. I am deeply grateful that I turned to Thomas for guidance!”
— Kristin B. - Vancouver, British Columbia
“Some people in our lives give us advice, others inspire us with their open thoughts and calm existence. For me, Thomas has been an inspiration to strive for the best version of me.”
— Tannis B. - Ashmont, Alberta

Life coaching is about helping you see what you can’t see yourself - blind spots if you will - so you can get “unstuck” and process your life clearly.

When I learned that my anger and emotion all had its seeds in my own limited beliefs, I discovered how to set myself free to create a new story. Rather than continue to blame, I was able to ask for forgiveness and move-on to create a new, better version of my life, and a life-changing, even more dynamic married relationship.

Whether you’re holding onto pain of a failed relationship, stuck in a career or even beating yourself up for your mistakes, integrative life coaching can support you to wake up and own your life.


If you are . . .

  • Willing to take an objective look at your life.

  • Brave enough to stop pretending that you’ve got it all figured out.

  • Looking to get out of life what you put in - life’s ‘karmic’ rule.

  • Motivated by the thought of making profound changes in all areas of your life.

  • Ready for a structure that will support you to stay on track with your intentions.

  • Someone who believes that personal responsibility is the key to success.

. . . then my coaching is a fit for you.

Before we work together, I want you, and I want myself, to discover if we are a fit. I offer a complimentary session for you to experience the opportunity of coaching. Begin by scheduling a free session today.

“Thomas can help re-shape anyone’s life who is feeling stuck and does not know how to move forward. He is a Miracle Man and I have nothing but love for him.”
— Gurpreet B. – Vancouver, British Columbia
“Thomas Kevin Dolan is professional, authentic and truly compassionate, which can be a hard combination to find in a coach!”
— Gina B. - Calgary, Alberta