How many months and years have you wondered, “Am I doing the right thing? Who else is doing this? Is this normal?”

The truth is normal doesn’t exist. Your life is meant to be beautifully you.

Imagine a life where you fully embrace the unique twists, bumps and turns that make up who you are?

My mission is to help you reveal your personal truth so that you can forge your unique path.   

Life doesn’t need to be a struggle – discover the tools and skills you need to be the creator of your personal journey.


Clients come to me for different reasons . . .

. . . the most common of which is that you’re craving a desire to get “unstuck” or remove the limits of your lives – both personally and professionally.

With over 15 years of experience as an internationally recognized coaching expert in the field of the human shadow, relationships, heart healing, remodeling our lives and designing our best year, I work with individuals, groups, teams and organizations as a guide to help people become the masters and mistresses of their own life journey.

I deeply understand the fear and disappointment of not being able to own your own personal story and create your life’s masterpiece. I lived from this place for decades in my own life.

I offer an opportunity for you to discover what I know – that you can move forward with clarity, act and explore ALL the routes that can get you to where you want to go - to get unstuck.


During a free session I listen intently to what you say and, more importantly, what you don’t say. Together we ascertain what range of different coaching programs might work for you. We land on this while enjoying lots of powerful conversations. I want to help you work with your strengths to enable change in a way that suits you. I also like to keep things simple, so the best way to describe it is in 4 simple steps!


Step 1 - Growth: Who are you?

I’ll help you raise your self-awareness and get under the skin of what makes you tick – your values, drivers, motivations and passions. No point continuing to climb mountains, when you’re at your best sailing the seas!


Step 2 - Clarity: Where are you going and what do you want?

I’ll encourage you to open your eyes to a more meaningful vision aligned to your sense of purpose and what’s important to you. Stop climbing up the same slippery slope, if you keep finding yourself sliding down. Maybe there’s another path that’s more appealing?


Step 3 - Choice: Where are you now and what choices do you want to make?

I will support you in making a conscious decision. The choice is yours and you can make change happen if you want it enough. Change isn’t always easy and there may be things blocking your path. Let’s take a closer look and see if you can discover an alternative approach.


Step 4 - Action: How will you get there?

Through the program you choose, we’ll generate new ideas to find a way to make the change happen. You’ll put it into action and I’ll help you to stay focused, learn, reflect and keep you on track. If you come to an impasse, we’ll find another way around. I’ll reflect back to you who you are being. After all, who’s the only person you cannot see when you walk into a room? It’s you. My job is to share my sense of who you’re being and then you choose whether or not that’s the best version of you to move you forward.

The logistics of our time together is so simple; from the comfort of your own home, we will explore your unique needs and cultivate the support necessary for you to get unstuck.

“If you have never considered a coach, you should, and if you have been considering some coaching, I can say that, from my own experience, the work with Thomas will be a total game-changer!”
— Dr. Brad M. - Vancouver, British Columbia
“Thomas’ best qualities as a Coach are: Compassion. Inspiration. Clarity.”
— Adam M. - Honolulu, Hawaii

I work with people who want to effectively have a healthy relationship with themselves so they can live the true story of who they are.

If this sounds like you, take a chance on finding the answers you’ve been looking for.

Begin with a free session.