“He encouraged me to let go of thinking I had to make others happy before choosing happiness for myself.”
— Malwina - Vancouver, BC

“I was blessed to have him coaching me for over a year through two different programs and he showed me the sight and courage to see life through different eyes.”
— Michael M. – San Diego

“Whether you are looking to become a better person, achieve career goals, or fix a broken relationship, Thomas is your go-to guy! Thank you!”
— Dr. Nora – Vancouver, BC

“I have gained the ability to remove blame and to keep my emotional reaction in check.”
— Nicole – Vancouver, BC

“Thomas was invariably easy to talk to, patient, caring and encouraging, and I don’t think my successes could have been achieved without him.”
— Rob – Vancouver, BC

“This work has deepened my relationships in ways I never imagined, so it has not only touched my life, but that of others around me.”
— Tracey G. – Vancouver, BC

“Thomas guided me on a journey of self discovery and showed me that the answers had always been within me.”
— Brad L. – Phoenix, AZ

“I went from being in a “deep funk” that I could not move myself out of, which was so unlike me, to uncovering a strong, powerful part of me that I had hidden for years.”
— Paula – Vancouver, BC

“Thomas knows how to push just hard enough to get results while offering gentle support.”
— Ward – Vancouver, BC

“During the course of 12 weeks I reconnected with my inner wise woman … and more.”
— Laurie – Vancouver, BC